Your tax deductible donation enables us to fulfill the mission of CitiVision.

1.    Transforming lives with the Gospel

2.    Training leaders with the Gospel

3.    Impacting cities with the Gospel


By Check

You may mail a check made out to CitVision to:

401 West 205th Street,

New York, NY 10034


By Credit Card

We offer credit card services via Paypal.

You can donate via Paypal checkout above.

While we do accept electronic gifts by credit card, our preferred method of electronic giving is by electronic fund transfer (e-check from your bank account) for two reasons:

1. Although many people pay off their credit cards entirely every month, others don't. We don't want to encourage anyone to accumulate debt.

2. Gifts by EFT have much lower fees. Up to 3% of your credit card gift goes to the card company per transaction (exact percentage is dependent on the card type); gifts by EFT incur a flat charge of $0.50 per transaction.

Thank you for supporting us