Tom and Vicky Mahairas began to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ over 45 years ago in NYC. The Lord led Tom to a holistic approach to ministry in which the Gospel, is shared for the whole man to the whole world. Beginning in NYC, Tom founded Manhattan Bible Church, Manhattan Christian Academy, Transformation Life Center, New York Gospel Outreach, and the NYC Love Kitchen. Then in 1996, Tom founded CitiVision as part of a vision to bring the Gospel to cities around the world. It is through this ministry that Tom has been able follow his passion for evangelism and discipleship locally, nationally, and internationally.

We believe that God so loved the world that He gave Himself to bring it back to Him. We also believe that it is our calling as Christians to go into every part of this world, including the cities and towns around us, and invite others to be drawn back to Him. Once receiving the invitation, they will begin to be taught, apprenticed and discipled in a local church (knowing Christ more and thus becoming more like Him). We also believe that Christians are sent out be servants “Doulos” in the world, acting as salt and light in a decaying, darkening place.

We should make the most of our time and be concerned about the world, but we are also not fearful of our time in history. It is one of our jobs as christians to preach the Gospel to the cities where and when we are placed. We believe that when the church does its job well, we should see, as in John 15:1-17, fruit that endures. We care about the way we work, the quality of our work, and the fruit produced.

Ministry Time Line

1974: Founded Manhattan Bible Church (
1976: Founded Manhattan Christian Academy (
1982: Founded Transformation Life Center
1985: Founded New York GO (
1987: Founded The Love Kitchen (
1996: Founded CitiVision Ministries (

Tom continues to be focused on evangelism, training leaders, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally.